Bend Don’t Brake 2013

The rain returned to PDX but fortunately  it was warm and dry in Bend (for the most part). Reports from Bend Don’t Brake:

Men’s Pro/I/II: 

Bend Don't Brake 2013 – Photo courtesy of Catherine Lee Cooper Phorography

Bend Don’t Brake 2013 – Photo courtesy of Catherine Lee Cooper Phorography

The Pro 1/2 race was fast from the gun, 26 mph avg with Brant in the early move for the first 3 laps. After the break was caught there was a lull from the chasing for a couple miles and then one by one, random riders went off the front looking as though the group would reel them in but unfortunately those riders represented most of the big teams and we were suddenly left out to chase and hope others would join but that did not happen and we had to settle for a field sprint for 8th place and on.  Alex ended up highest placed at 9th.  I know that Brant worked his ass off in that break and unfortunately the other teams like HPC and Evolution didn’t have faith in there riders in that early move because they helped chase it down. They were probably afraid that Brant was going to break their legs in the finish. -David

Men’s Cat III: 

Just Matt and I lined up against fully represented Bend teams, 4 of which combined for 18 riders in the field. I was a little apprehensive about the distance given it was my second race of the season.

Matt and a couple others took flyers early on, but were caught. On the middle of the second lap, 4 guys took a flyer, 1 from each of the big teams. They got up to 1:30 gap on us as their teammates blocked the front hard. I tried a couple big pulls, and Matt was super persistent on the front, but it was well covered every time, no one from any remaining teams, save Wade from Half Fast Velo, was willing to put in any work.
With probably around 5 miles to go, the TAI Bend rider popped, but they didn’t get organized to counter. 3 up the road coming fast into the final K (where I wished I’d payed attention to the official, as I thought we didn’t have the full road till 200M) I was boxed in, Matt went left for 12th. I weaved through traffic for 18th. All in all, a good day.
Women’s Masters: 
I played the age card and chose to race the Masters Women instead of the getting run over by the senior women.  They combined the Master women with the Cat 4 women. There were 26 of us total (6 master women). The promoter broke the Master Women into 40+, 50+ and 60+. With a short, three lap course, and no real competition in my own Master group,  my goal going into the race was to beat all the old women. I don’t know many of the Cat 4 women, but I do know Beth Ann Orton. I also know she is strong, so I started on her wheel and planned to stay there for most of the race. Well, she jumped at about mile 1.25 and got away. I thought this was too early. We caught her. She jumped again about mile 5 and I still thought it was too early. However, someone else who appeared to be reasonably strong went too and I decided I would jump with them. We got about 50m gap and I said “we should go”. Beth Ann put her head down and we were off. We readily dropped the other rider and it was the two of us with 2.25laps remaining. Hmmmm, maybe a tad early to do this? I know Beth Ann could sustain it, but worried about me. But hey, I played my cards, might as well let ‘em ride…. We put a huge gap on the field, we never got a time split, but I could not see anyone behind us. With one lap remaining, Beth Ann says “we have two chasers”…..she up’s the pace (which was already quite snot inducing for me) and I say I can’t sustain that, and if she has to go, go……. She does. We round the corner and I look back and see two riders. Okay, you know how when you are gassed, you fail to see everything or add all the pieces? I saw the two riders, but failed to see the lead/follow car with them…. I start to sit up to get caught by these two so that maybe we can get Beth Ann only to finally realize……they are two MEN off the front of the men’s field!! Duh! Beth Ann is now out of reach and I have to TT like I was Sarah Tisdale for the remaining of the finish lap. (Because I may not get Beth Ann, but damn, no one is going to catch me!) I end up second overall and I beat all the other old women. I won a PBR.  – Jan Moss
While I don’t have reports from the Senior Women yet, the rather confusing results show Stephanie Croy in 4th in I/II, Courtney, Stacy and Sarah in 4th, 8th and 9th in the III’s. Other than Robin, all of the Women were there! Great job!

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