Cascade Locks Short Track/ Krugers Kermesse

Short track and ‘cross without barriers. Report from Jeff:

Short track Thursday night in Cascade locks. I was only racer there from the team. 2nd place. The course was nice, some double track, some tight single track, even a little sand. Great thing about the venue, lots of options to change the course from week to week. (Jeff placed 2nd in Cat 1 Men)

Krugers today, I think Dan Saunders raced, but until results, not sure. Brian was second place today, he was battling for the win all the way to the last turn.

Todd did not feel good all week, but rode out to Krugers. As usual, he flew by and I spent the rest of the race chasing his wheel. He was 4th wheel most of the race, I dropped my chain twice in the last four laps so not sure how Todd finished. I was 8th even with stopping twice. Really worked hard at getting a good start off the line and it worked. Did end up in no mans land for over half the race and that really tired me out.  (Todd was 4th, Jeff 8th in Masters A) – Jeff Standish MTB/ Cross Director

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