Cross Crusade: PIR Heron Lakes Part II

Yesterdays race was classic Portland CycloCross – 1500+ racers, making it the largest CX single day race in the world!

It had rained the days leading up to the race and the clouds looked ominous throughout the day.  The sun would peak out from time to time and it really changed the course from morning to afternoon.  The morning races were very slick, with wet grass and freshly torn-up corners forcing the racers to take turns with caution.  As the day went along, most of those turns dried out and provided an extra bit of traction.  There was still plenty of mud to contend with and those turns were never worry free.  The upper portion of the course caused many of us to try and different approach each time we went through there.  7 laps and I never did it the same.
While racing yesterday, there was a stiff breeze the seemed to be blowing right into our faces for long stretches of the track.  This caused a fair amount of small groups to form.  When leading one of these groups, all I can think about is not making a mistake in the technical sections, last thing I wanted was to get passed.  What I love about cyclocross is the fact that there is usually no where to hide.  Yesterday was one of those rare days where the wind played a factor and people could take shelter behind the racer in front.  I still chose to be the guy in front, less chance that the guy in front of me is going to crash and disrupt my day, and I can then dictate the pace.
Needless to say, the racing yesterday was tough and that is just the way we like it.  The team had a pretty good turnout and we had a lot of fun.  Could have used more propane for the BBQ, but next time we will golden!  Be sure to swing by if you are in the area!  Next weekend is the always crazy Halloween race weekend in Bend.  A few of us are doing well in the GPTB series and we will be racing over in Vancouver next Saturday and then a few of us will be driving over to Bend to get in one day of racing over there.  So we will be all over the place next weekend!
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GPTB: Ninkrossi/ Cross Crusade: Rainer

We had another great weekend! Jon Pearson continues to lead the GPTB with another 2nd place finish yesterday. Keeps the leaders jersey for another week.

Today, Jon kept up his category leading ways. He had a flat and was still able to hold onto second place in his race. That keeps him in the lead overall. Great job Jon!

Kirk Edwards was upgraded to Masters A’s this week and Kirk raced rea

lly well. He even had a call up. This week Todd beat me yet again. If only I could race for a whole 60 minutes… We were 20/21 and considering that we started in the back of a 70 rider strong group, not bad!Spencer raced his way to 22nd and beat the beast Ryan Weaver this week. Spencer is flying this year!

Jim Sestric did a great job of gaining some points this week with an 11th place finish. Lets hope he gets a call up this next week.

Nice job to all that raced this week!