Jeff and the boys mix up the terrain

Last weekend Jeff, Kyle and Brian got out on the road and in the snow. Report from Jeff:

Great weekend of riding! Saturday Brian Malloy and I rode to Multnomah Falls before we hooked up with other TAI riders while riding Gordon Creek. 5200+ feet of climbing and my longest ride of the year. After the ride, hustled over to the OBRA board meeting. After taking care of business there, got over to Madison’s Grill for our Cyclo-Cross year end party. We had a great time celebrating an awesome year. We said hello to a few new riders and a sad so long to Kirk who will be riding with another team this year. Kirk has been with us since the start and will be missed! We are happy that he will be with more family and a team with lots of young kids. Looking forward to rubbing shoulders with Kirk this year.

Rallied early today to hit Sandy Ridge with Kyle. Great ride up there today. Snow kept us from riding the upper loop. It did not keep us from ripping down the hill 3 times today. Did get a flat and found out that sealant can form a large hard ball inside your wheel. Fixed the flat and kept ripping it up.

Great friends, fantastic scenery, and hard riding this weekend! -Jeff Standish Cross/ MTB Director

Team Party:

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Yesterday was probably one of the nicest days and reportedly hardest rides in February. Ever. We had 20 TAI teammates all kitted up and ready to roll for another bout with Bridge of the Gods. We cruised along at conversation pace to the bottom of “3 Mile Climb” where the women and 3-4 others cut off on their own variation of the ride. Then as the road went up, so did the pace. And it stayed like that all the way back to Vantucky. David and I are confident that TAI PDX Cycling is going to be unbeatable no matter what Category we’re racing.

Later that evening, Alex Yale hosted a gathering of us with great food and conversation so we could all get to know each other a bit better. It’s hard to have a conversation when the big guns are trying to tear your legs off. Kit’s and water bottles were handed out (great job on the kit design Alex and David!), pasta was eaten, and the beer flowed “like the salmon of Capistrano” (bonus points if you know what movie that quote is from).

Big shout out to our sponsors: Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, Vancouver Toyota, United Finance, IQ Credit Union, Bike & Hike, Giant, Garmin, Dave’s Killer Bread, GENR8, Rudy Project, Ironclad and Velominati. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!