Franz Crit/ OBRA Crit Championships

The great Franz Bakery Crit was to be the site of the OBRA Championships this season. Once again, TAI PDX Cycling showed it’s firepower.

Updated report from Courtney:

Master’s Women:
Before the race started Courtney told Jan she was going to attack and win this race. About 10 ladies lined up spread across 3 Master’s Age Categories. The race started fast and we burned off a couple riders. The first prime was called and the pace stayed high until after the line, but slowed as it commonly does. As the group rounded the bottom corners, Courtney attacked and no one followed. As she came through the finish line another prime was called. She hung on for the prime and another prime was called. She hung on and another prime was called. She hung on and won a total of 4 primes in a row.  After the primes, the time gap was up to 17 seconds and with 4 more laps to go, there was no choice but to stay off the front and go for the win, which she did. It was a great solo effort and 8 laps off the front. Jan hung in the race and finished 2nd in the 50+ category.

Masters Men 40-49:
Duncan, Brant and Don were at the start. The group started fast and on the 3rd-4th lap, I pulled out after hitting one of the potholes at the bottom of the hill, thinking I wasn’t strong enough to stay with the bunch. It was too late when I discovered that the issue was the front brake caliper was almost fully clamped down. Enough whining: A Life Cycle rider along with Guinness’ Klipper (who was 3 laps down after a mechanical) had built a solid lead, but Brant chased relentlessly, and without much help from anyone else in the field and brought the duo into sight at the bell. One more huge effort from Brant and Duncan brought them 2nd and 4th respectively. Another podium!

Senior Women:
Shelley Dunlop, Women's 1/2 Championship, 3rd placeCat 1/2 and Cat 3 raced together for a separate category championship. Therapeutic Associates had Shelley as our lone 1/2 and Courtney, Jan, and Sarah as the Cat 3. The race started with a blistering first 5 minutes that whittled the lead group from 25 starters to 15! Shelley and Courtney were able to hang in.  Soon enough 2 riders were off the front and the chase ensued until there was a sizable gap. The remaining 13 or so riders kept it together with some fairly regular attacking but no addition breaks occurred and the chase eventually settled into riding for 3rd for the Cat 1/2 race. Although there were no Cat 3s up the road and only 5 survived the initial 5 minutes. It was a struggle to stay in a good spot in the pack and Shelley worked really hard to stay within the first 3 wheels the entire race. With 3 laps to go Courtney attacked and had a gap, trying for a repeat of the earlier race. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t there and she was reeled back in by a motivated Cat 3 chase. Shelley stayed in excellent position and rounding the bottom corners on the final lap moved up on everyone and decided to take it to the line. She held it for 3rd place by winning the field sprint, and Courtney finished 3rd in the Cat 3. Fantastic race on a really challenging course.

In the Masters 30-39 group, Kyle was just killing it, going Jen’s Voigt over and over. After a bit of rest, and inside the time cut for mechanicals, another hard attack and Kyle was forced into the coned off grate at the bottom of the hill, causing 2 flats and a crash. He’s a bit banged up, but put on a hell of a show!

Fantastic day!

And this is by no means a side note, Sarah took 2nd at the OBRA Time Trial on Sunday, and newly upgraded (for the 2nd time in his freshman season) Brad took a very solid 4th.


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