Sisters Stampede 2013

Sarah Tisdale (MTB Cat 2) at Sisters Stampede

Sarah Tisdale (MTB Cat 2) at Sisters Stampede

On Sunday, some of TAI PDX headed to Sisters for some MTB racing. Full race report from Jan, who raced the Bend Don’t Brake road race the day before:

Sarah and I went to play in the dirt for the first time this year. I played the injury card on this race. While my wrist has healed up pretty darn good, the remaining issue I have is some significant nerve pain in my palm. I was very concerned if I’d be able to ride a mtn bike for 28 miles, so I put myself into the cat 3 Women 40+. Now even on a good day, I’m not a mtn biker.  All those rocks and sticks and things?…. I am a great big scaredy Jan when it comes to mtn biking, but I do like it even though it scares the crap out of me. However, the Sister’s course is very roadie friendly with a 5mile dirt road start. So, my plan was to go as hard as I could when I could go hard because I know as soon as we hit the technical stuff, I slow down like a slug. I then spend my time waiting for someone to catch me, pull off and let them pass and continue on. I call this race a success…… I finished, my hand did okay, I got 6th out of about 13 riders… Then I had a beer. -Jan Moss

Brant finished 1st in Men’s Cat 1!

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